Contemporary Latin American Art
From the Ulla and Greger Ollson Art Collection, Brussels. 1997

Raul is our "enfant terrible". He is an artist the way we normal people picture an artist. He is very charming, disorganised, has little sense of time and, like all mayor artists, he is extremely intellectual.
He has travelled, lived and worked all over the world and he is at home everywhere. He knows his history, of course including his art history, as well as his politics (a nigth listening to Raul and Gladys Triana discussing Castros impact on Latin American trade is simply not to be believed).
As an artist he is serious. There is an awful lot of research and planning behing every new proyect. His raw material are carefully chosen.
On the other hand, as he may not have paid enough attention to financing the proyect, the timing of completion tends to be a bit unpredictable.
Nonetheless, he has very loyal collectors all over the world which means that sometimes it migth be easier for him to sell directly to them than go through the agonising process of preparing for a regular show.
Raul is an artists artist
He is highly regarded and respected by fellow artists.
His insight into his work is very strong and there to be appreciated.
If possible, his work is getting stronger and more complex over time.
We will continue to commission him for big proyects.


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