por Jorge Glusberg

Her sculptures are full of rational lust, because they don´t go beyond themselves, as they develop through a language that leaves out whatever may come out by chance.

Her sculptures define the space, in spite of the place or the way they are displayed: this means a definition of the territory within which they develop as a work of art and assert themselves as objects.
Pacenza´s classicism is a critical classicism, pointing out to the human condition from the point of view of the Ideal. The Ideal not as something ecstatic, just to be mentioned, but the Ideal as something to aim at, as an objective, her proposal means to start working from perfection and wanting to return to it.

Lucia Pacenza -contrary to contemporany trends that deal with the complexity of
today´s living- seems to portray the lost paradise, through rhythm and the doing and undoing of shapes.

Director National Museum
of Fine Arts










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